CAPE COD COMMISSION = a lack of clear management, focus, and prioritization

CAPE COD COMMISSION = a lack of clear management, focus, and prioritization

The Cape Cod Commission is a somewhat autonomous regional government entity which unfortunately possesses“a lack of clear management, focus, and prioritization.”

How is such a dire assessment arrived at? Easily, all one needs to do is to briefly and objectively scrutinize their operations and activities from time to time and not simply take their reports at face value.

FACT: They are now engaging in disrespectful and unjustifiable personal attacks upon locally elected officials:

In January of this year at a Sandwich Board of Selectmen meeting, a Cape Cod Commission official clearly stated that the delegate to the County legislature from that town made statements that were patently false, and that he knew the statements were false. The delegate to the County Assembly is a democratically elected representative of Sandwich voters. An appointed and unelected bureaucrat with the Cape Cod Commission should show more respect to those officials who have been directly chosen by the people of Cape Cod. This clearly indicates a lack of focus, and prioritization.

FACT: In February of this year, the same Cape Cod Commission bureaucrat with justification, severely and disrespectfully criticized a Mashpee Selectman for advocating for that Town’s withdrawal from the Cape Cod Commission and attempted to point to past decisions made by that same elected official which he made a number of years ago when he was a Planning Board member…a matter that had absolutely nothing to do with the current issue. Additionally, whether or not the Town of Mashpee desires to discuss and debate, via a Town Meeting Warrant Article, the merits and drawbacks of CCC membership is an entirely LOCAL and MUNICIPAL ISSUE, and does not warrant DIRECT INTERFERENCE by an APPOINTED county government Cape Cod Commission official. What exactly does a local political issue have to do with running a regional land use planning and regulatory agency? Other than an arrogant disdain for local control, absolutely nothing! Once again, this unquestionably exhibits an utter lack of focus, and prioritization.

FACT:  If one looks at the Cape Cod Commission website, specifically the staff page containing its organizational chart and personnel hierarchy, then one notices the following problem:  Within the staff listing, one high ranking official is stated as being in overall charge of Economic Development matters, however, within the content of the staff organizational chart, a completely different official is claimed as being in overall charge of Economic Development activities. Who exactly is in charge here? Based upon its own documents and resources, apparently, even the Cape Cod Commission itself is not quite sure. This particular fact seems to illustrate yet another major defect within the organization, a lack of clear management.

FACT: Finally, if one briefly visits the history section of the CCC website, then is quickly learned the CCC emphatically claims that it is the direct successor to the Cape Cod Planning and Economic Development Council (CCPEDC). One then need only go the CCC website area pertaining to the current 208 Water Quality Plan Update process which is presently underway to learn that the CCPEDC conducted a similar update back in 1978…and…that was the last time such a process took place. The problem is that the 208 Water Quality Plan Update is mandated by federal law to be conducted every ten years, NOT every 35 years. Since the CCC itself clearly states in writing that it is the direct successor agency to the CCPEDC, then it was of course the unquestionable legal responsibility of the Cape Cod Commission to conduct a 208 Water Quality Plan Update (as required by federal law) every ten years, which at a minimum means it should at least have been carried out by the CCC in both 1998 and 2008 .

The Cape Cod Commission did NOT adhere to its direct responsibility as required by federal regulations. The CCC dropped the ball, and failed us, the residents of Cape Cod. Moreover, because it did not conduct the legally required 208 Water Quality Plan Update during all of those years, then the nitrogen loading problem and wastewater crisis on Cape Cod grew significantly worse. This can lead to only one logical conclusion, the Cape Cod Commission itself is at least partially responsible for creating the dire ecological crisis which we now find ourselves.

All of the present excessive and superficial public relations initiatives that the CCC is now undertaking (like sponsoring radio commercials) simply cannot change this fact. It happened. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts! It is patently true.

These are only some of the patently true facts as to why the Cape Cod Commission unfortunately possesses“a lack of clear management, focus, and prioritization.”

With the aforementioned patently clear scenario at hand, then at least at this stage of things, the CCC should NOT be allowed the 2.5% tax increase for Fiscal Year 2015 that it has requested. It just does not deserve any more of the public’s money (other than to be level funded), until it straightens out its act.

Let the people decide!

Let the people decide!

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