abolish the cape cod commission or reinvent it? you decide!

abolish the cape cod commission or reinvent it? you decide!

cape cod commission
massachusetts state constitution
united states constitution 
bill of rights

declaration of independence  
Each and every Cape Cod resident has the ability (and responsibility) to decide for themselves regarding what should and should not be done about the Cape Cod Commission. Whatever one decides, their individual viewpoint can and should be respected by everyone else.

Many of us employ the following general principles when making observations and drawing conclusions upon this particular topic. They include:

• Limited government
• Individual liberty
• Fiscal responsibility
• Adherence to the U.S. Constitution and the Massachusetts Constitution, bill of rights, and principles of the Declaration of Independence

If you take the time to apply these exact same criteria and principles to all aspects, functions and operations of the Cape Cod Commission, then you should also be able to draw some conclusions about it, your own conclusions.
The public discourse and debate involving the Cape Cod Commission currently underway is the best thing that has happened to them in years. Raising public awareness regarding the CCC to this high level and degree is something that needed to be done. It is something that they themselves either could not do, or did not know how to do. The Commission has always had trouble explaining themselves and just exactly what it is that they do.
That part of the Commission’s job is now being done for them!
We can be thanked later!
Let the people decide!!!

Let the people decide!!!

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