RON BEATY: Critical Issues Facing Cape Cod

Some Critical Issues Facing Cape Cod Today

Though listed separately, many of the following political and civic issues facing Cape Cod today are inextricably related:

  • The Cape Cod Commission (and whether to remove its regulatory authority, keep it as is, or abolish it all together)
  • Wastewater and Water Quality Issues (this is currently the most vital issue, BUT it is being addressed…though the Cape Cod Commission dropped the ball on it for many years, to our detriment)
  • Lack of Economic Development (particularly “the winter economy” especially for the lower-Cape towns like Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet…they have been inexcusably neglected by our elected leaders, we also desperately need to be more “business friendly”)
  • Not Enough Decent, Good Paying and Career Focused Jobs (our next generation of citizens are fleeing by the multitude for this reason and because they simply cannot afford to live here)
  • Affordable Housing (the State and Towns are NOT taking enough action in this area)
  • Illicit Drugs and Addiction (progress is being made, and must continue)
  • Improvement of Transportation and Infrastructure (including a possible third Canal bridge, better utilization of trains, maritime transportation options, and gradual upgrading of our roads and highways)
  • The Environment (is more than be adequately addressed at this time via the combined efforts of non-profit agencies like the APCC, Barnstable Land Trust, various conversations, municipal committees and departments, state agencies and federal agencies including the Cape Cod National Seashore)
  • Regional Energy (this includes the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, the Cape Wind Project, NSTAR and aging infrastructure)
  • Excessive Taxation (by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts via the sales tax, gas tax and other mechanisms, the federal government, and local property taxes)
  • Overregulation by local, regional, state and federal governmental entities
  • Education/Common Core (Common Core MUST be halted and reversed as it is detrimental to our educational system, NOT an improvement. For more details, please visit the Liberty Chalkboard website)
  • Growing Government Encroachment upon individual civil liberties at all levels (Obamacare, Common Core, etc.)

It is my belief that limited government, fiscal responsibility, and protection of individual liberties are of paramount importance when dealing with all of the aforementioned significant Cape Cod and Islands related issues.

Ron Beaty – Tea Party-Republican Candidate/State Senate, Cape & Islands District

Ron Beaty, State Senate, Election 2014

Ron Beaty, State Senate, Election 2014

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