Allen Rodney Waters, In Massachusetts, “Will You Promise to Protect American Workers?”

Mr. Allen Rodney Waters

Co-Republican Candidate –

State Senate, Cape & Islands District

PO Box 2240

Mashpee MA 02649

Dear Allen:

RE: Allen Rodney Waters, In Massachusetts, “Will You Promise to Protect American Workers?”

As a deeply concerned citizen, amicable competitor, and Republican colleague vying with you for the Republican nomination for Cape & Islands District, State Senator, I sincerely and honestly wish to make this inquiry and friendly follow upchallenge of you:

In Massachusetts, “Will you promise to protect American workers?”

Furthermore, will you also go on record (as I have already done) with your official answer to this inquiry by completing the attached questionnaire?

As clearly outlined and enunciated within the content of the attached questionnaire issue by the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s FAIR TASK FORCE:

“American workers are facing desperate economic conditions. Wages have plummeted while millions of Americans have been pushed out of the labor force entirely. Youth unemployment is sky-‐high. Decades of record immigration have placed enormous stress on American jobseekers, taxpayers and communities. Yet politicians in Washington who claim to oppose ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ are pushing that would not only legalize millions of illegal workers but also give mega-‐corporations millions of new foreign workers — depressing wages and reducing jobs for American workers. It is therefore essential that we know whether you will support TRUE immigration reform policies.”

If you are not afraid of taking a stand in defense of legal Massachusetts residents and our sovereign nation, I look forward to your official responses to this matter and if you are truly serious about this urgent issue, completion of the attached document on or before July 4, 2014which will be the 238th birthday of our great nation.

If you are willing to exhibit the necessary political courage, fortitude and pragmatic leadership required not to run away from this reasonable challenge and to complete the attached questionnaire, it should then be forwarded by email to: or by postal mail to:

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

25 Massachusetts Ave, NW, suite 330

Washington, DC 20001

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Republican Candidate –

Massachusetts State Senate, Cape & Islands District



Phone: 508-685-2921


Ron Beaty for State Senator

Ron Beaty for State Senator

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