State Senate Candidate Ron Beaty Issues Statement on Current Illegal Immigrant Crisis

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Ronald Beaty
Beaty for State Senate

State Senate Candidate Ron Beaty Issues Statement on Current Illegal Immigrant Crisis 

West Barnstable, MA – July, 19 2014 – In direct response to Governor Deval Patrick’s planned acceptance of a request by the Obama administration to shelter unaccompanied illegal immigrant children in Massachusetts, Ronald Beaty, a Tea Party-Republican Candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate, Cape and Islands District, stated this afternoon, “The Governor’s recent actions pertaining to housing illegal migrant children needs to be the subject of public protest and demonstrations.”

Beaty went on, “Such protest demonstrations, like the one planned for Camp Edwards near the front gates next to the Otis Rotary in Bourne at 10:00 AM tomorrow, Sunday July 20th, are part of dozens planned across the country as part of a series of “National Protests Against Amnesty’ this weekend.”  Beaty noted, “The purpose of the Cape Cod protest is actually two-fold,” Beaty specified, “It is to forthrightly express an unmistakable message in direct response to the Governor’s ill-advised, fiscally irresponsible and possibly unconstitutional plan to house illegal immigrant children here on the Cape at Camp Edwards.” “It is also to protest the incompetent mishandling of the overall issues of Border Security, Immigration Reform, and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens by the Obama Administration during the last six years. If they would just appropriately enforce the immigration laws already in existence then we would not be facing this crisis today!” Beaty stated. Beaty continued, “All Massachusetts residents who are able to, are strongly urged to try and attend the protest and rally at Camp Edwards if the feel that the Immigration crisis has gone too far as a result of inaction by the Obama Administration as well as the recent nonsensical decision by Governor Patrick.”

Beaty enunciated that both the federal government and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts urgently and soberly need to adopt a Four Point Plan to simply enforce our existing immigration laws. “The President and the Governor need to: 1.) Secure Our Borders; 2.) Crack down on employers that intentionally hire illegals; 3.) Remove incentives and rewards to illegals such as licenses, welfare, and other taxpayer benefits; 4.) Enforce our existing laws and deport illegal aliens when convicted of crimes or detected during routine law enforcement activities.” Beaty said that he believes that everyone supports a peaceful, non-racist, rule of law approach to resolving illegal immigration. “America is a land of generous and compassionate people, but our hospitality and ideals are being stressed and abused by those who are prepared to break the law and take our jobs and our tax dollars.” Beaty elaborated, “America’s illegal alien population, both in Massachusetts and elsewhere, will begin to shrink instead of grow if the voters support candidates lime me who will reflect the will of the vast majority of Massachusetts citizens.”

Beaty is running against Allen Waters, of Mashpee, for the Cape and Islands District Republican nomination. The Republican Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, September 9th. Both are seeking to unseat state Sen. Dan Wolfe, a Democrat from Harwich. “I am the only Massachusetts candidate for public office to complete the FAIR Task Force Questionnaire and to pledge to openly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants via all legal means at my disposal,” Beaty finally noted.

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Camp Edwards Protest Info

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